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This document contains the release notes for CRE Loaded 6.3 Standard, Professional, and Professional B2B versions. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.


Chain Reaction Ecommerce provides free online documentation for all of our customers. The CRE Loaded Users Manual guides you through the setup and use of your CRE Loaded ecommerce software. The CRE Loaded Complete Reference Guide provides clear button-by-button descriptions of every function and every menu in CRE Loaded.

CRE Loaded Standard v6.3 - New Features

  • Customer Edit Page
    Now includes all information fields, including the new "voucher" and "template selection" entries.

  • "Free Shipping" logic enhancements
    (Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packaging, Admin->Modules->Shipping->Free Shipping)
    Allows skipping the shipping page if it's not needed. It also handily consolidates the controls.

  • Admin Home Page content modules
    (Admin->Configuration->Admin Blocks)
    These are now controlled completely from within the Admin. They can be turned on and off, and they use RCI for easy installation of additional blocks.

  • Admin Session Length control
    Now you can set the length of your Admin sessions (does not affect catalog sessions) and reduce or eliminate lost work due to interruptions during data entry.

  • RCI Expansion
    Runtime Code Inclusion (RCI) allows custom modifications and additions to be used with the base program code, with less likelihood of the customizations being overwritten by future patches/updates to the CRE Loaded core code. In v6.3 the RCI functionality is expanded further than ever before.

  • Admin Language Editor clean-up
    (Admin->Tools->Language Editor)
    The language editor is easier to understand and use. Catalog and Admin files have been separated into discrete groups to simplify locating the correct file for editing.

  • Image Upload into folders
    (Admin->Product Catalog->Categories/Products->)
    When adding or editing categories and products, you now can use a drop-down menu to select the destination folder for your images. This makes file management much easier.

  • VVC Configuration (on/off and settings)
    (Admin->Configuration->VVC Configuration)
    Control the appearance of the VVC (Visual Verify Code) and even disable it if you choose.

  • Product Sort enhancement
    (Admin->Configuration->Product Listing->Product Listing Display Order)
    List your products and sub-products by name, model number, price, manufacturer, quantity available, weight, or most-recently added.

  • Coupon Redemption enhancements
    Coupon redemption has been moved to the top of the payment page, separate from the other payment options.

  • SMTP mail server abstraction
    Email can now be sent using an SMTP connection instead of the sendmail command. This is useful for Servers with additional security and advanced configurations.

  • Header Brand Manager for catalog logo and slogan text
    (Admin->Design Controls->Branding Manager)
    Upload your store logo and slogan; your logo will automatically replace the default logo in the store header, and the text for your slogan will display below your logo.

  • Admin URL return after log-in (go directly to an order after log-in)
    Click on an order link in an email to go directly to that order in your Admin. If you are not logged in when you follow the link, you'll be taken to the log-in page, and after logging in will be taken to the order.

  • Catalog URL return after log-in (go directly order history after log-in)
    Customers can link directly to their account information as bookmarks or favorites in their browser. If they are not logged into your store when they follow the link, they will be taken to the log-in page, after which they'll be taken to their account information.

  • Price Formatter update (general enhancements)
    This update improves the way CRE Loaded calculates product prices by enhancing the handling of additional costs from attributes and other factors.

  • Admin Template section and header clean-up
    New easier-to-read Admin enhancements.

CRE Loaded Professional v6.3 - New Features

All the features of CRE Loaded Standard v6.3, plus:
  • Content Director
    (Admin->Content Director)
    CDS adds the advanced page-management features of a content-management system to CRE Loaded's comprehensive shopping cart functionality.

  • SEO URLs 4.2
    Optimizes your URLs for improved search engine indexing of your CRE Loaded Ecommerce Shopping Cart by automatically placing important key words derived from your category and product databases directly into your URLs.

  • One-Page Checkout
    (Admin->Modules->Add-Ons->One-Page Checkout)
    This much-requested option combines all checkout elements onto a single page for simplicity and ease of use by your customers.

  • Newsletter Filter Criteria expanded
    (Admin->Marketing->Newsletter Manager)
    Improved control and flexibility for your newsletters. You can choose to send newsletters to customers who have purchased certain products, requested product notifications, or made purchases within a certain range of dates.

  • Recover Abandoned Carts
    (Admin->Modules->Add-Ons->Recover Abandoned Carts)
    The CRE Recover Abandoned Carts Module finds abandoned CRE Loaded shopping carts and creates a list of the items and the customers who were shopping for them. You can then generate an "Auto-Response" email to all of these customers asking for feedback as to why they didn't complete the transaction or reminding them about the items they were shopping for, and even offering a discount coupon if they complete their purchase. You can elect to respond only to customers who abandoned shopping carts containing certain items, and add a customized P.S. to them. The Module also creates a report to show you how many customers you have contacted, how many abandoned carts were converted into sales, and how much extra income these sales have generated for your store.

  • Product Info Tabs
    (Admin->Configuration->Product Info Page->Display in Tab Format)
    This option displays the product information in a tabbed format on the product page.

  • Return Merchandise Authorization System
    (Admin->Customers/Orders->Customer Returns)
    This much-requested feature allows your customers to get their own RMAs and allows you to track and manage RMAs from your the Admin.

  • Dimensional UPS Shipping Module support
    (Admin->Modules->Shipping->UPS XML)
    Supports UPS Dimensional Shipping using package height/width/length in addition to weight.

  • Select Image from server for products
    (Admin->Product Catalog->Categories/Products-> Add/Edit)
    This is an expansion of the new image-handling function in CRE Loaded Standard. In Pro and B2B, you can select specific main and additional images already stored on the server.

  • Product Listing blurbs
    (Admin->Product Catalog->Categories/Products-> Add/Edit)
    This option allows the use of short descriptions displayed on product listings, or "blurbs."

  • Quantity Price Break enhancements
    (Admin->Product Catalog->Categories/Products-> Add/Edit)
    When entering quantity price breaks, only one number must be entered for each break, and the number of breaks displayed can be set. This feature from CRE Loaded Professional B2B is now included in the Professional version!

  • Admin Co-Branding for Webmasters
    Easily add all your contact info to any installation with a single file upload.

  • Admin Co-Branding for Web Hosts
    Easily add all your contact info to all installations on a server with a single update to your web-server configuration file.

CRE Loaded Professional B2B v6.3 - New Features

Everything in CRE Loaded Professional v6.3, including Content Director, plus:
  • Forms and Surveys
    (Admin->Modules->Add-ons->FSS to activate; Admin->Forms/Survey to manage)
    The Forms and Surveys System adds the ability to create custom web forms for your CRE Loaded site. There is no limit to the number of forms or the number of questions on each form. The questions can be any of the common types of form field types. The system also is aware of the other data available in CRE Loaded, such as customer, product and order data, so this information can be linked to a form for reporting or follow-up.

  • Free-Shipping Module with Group Support
    (Admin->Modules->Shipping->Free Shipping)
    Adds the ability to set different parameters for each customer group to qualify for free shipping.

  • Multi-Vendor Shipping
    (Admin->Configuration->Multi-Vendor Shipping to activate; Admin->Multi-Vendor Shipping to configure)
    This option enables you to set parameters for shipping by truck, shipping from multiple locations, shipping directly from your supplier to your customer, or any combination of the above.

  • Multi-Warehouse Shipping
    (Admin->Localization->Warehouse Zones)
    This option enables you to set up multiple "From" locations, and to specify which states each location serves. By allowing you to ship from the site closest to your customer, delivery times and costs are dramatically reduced.

  • Newsletter Filter Criteria includes Groups
    (Admin->Marketing->Newsletter Manager)
    Send targeted newsletters based on customer group assignment.

  • Customer Group enhancements
    (Admin->Customers/Orders->Customers Groups):

    • Hide Prices based on group membership
    • Hide Add to Cart based on group membership
    • The pricing structure for a new group can be established during the group creation process
    • Each group can have its own distinct template
    • Admin can add specific private comments to each group
    • Each group can have its own unique public description and image
    • Customer can be assigned to multiple access groups
    • FAQ, pages, articles, and other content can be tailored for and restricted to each group
    • Offer special prices to selected customer groups (Admin->Marketing->Specials)

  • Affiliate Co-Branding enhancements
    Replaces White Label features. Affiliate links can now include:

    • Affiliate Header logo
    • Affiliate Header slogan
    • Affiliate Return URL
    • Affiliate Store Name
    • Affiliate Customer Service Email
    • Affiliate Customer Service Phone

Known Issues and Workarounds:

MySQL 3:
MySQL 3 is no longer supported. A number of SQL statements will not work in MySQL 3. Upgrade to either MySQL 4 or MySQL 5.
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